Animals Project. 5è

Hey guys! you have worked so hard. Here you have the results of your efforts to learn and love English.

I would like to thank all the teachers who have helped to prepare this super project: Miss Monica, Miss Natalie, Marina, Jose! you rock!

And Here you have the video…

Happy summer!

Why do we say XMAS?


Words change over time—their meaning, their usage, and even their spelling. Take Christmas and its shortened version, Xmas, for example. We see Xmas written nearly everywhere, from holiday advertisements to Christmas cards. The word Christmas comes from the combination of the words ‘Christ’ and ‘mass.’ But where did the X in Xmas come from, and what does it mean?

In the Greek alphabet, X is the symbol for the letter ‘chi.’ Chi (or X) is the first letter in the Greek word for Christ. In the early days of the Christian church, Christians used the letter X as a secret symbol to indicate their membership in the church to others.

If you know the Greek meaning of X, Xmas and Christmas essentially mean the same thing: Christ + mas = Christmas.